Visiting Florida's state parks and beyond in our Roadtrek. This is how we saw it all. Hopefully, the posts will give you some useful information. Questions and comments are welcome.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Weekend at Florida's Little Manatee River State Park

Nice small park.  Seems a lot of folks living nearby visit here just to get out of the house.  We go for that reason.  Never feel like we have to do something here.

The sites are packed sand and for the most part level. There is very good privacy from native foliage and most are pretty well shaded at some part of the day. The park stays amazingly quiet throughout the day and evening.  

The single small loop is paved and contains 31 sites and a modern, clean restroom/shower/laundry area. 

This park has an equestrian area with a camping area set up for tents or RVs of sorts.  Each has a hitching post and room enough to park horse trailers on the loop. 

There is also a horse stall area. 

The park has a nice picnic and recreation area and along the river are a few pavilions to reserve for outings. 

A narrow footpath follows the river.

There is a small marina for putting in canoes or kayaks.  Bring your own or rent from the ranger. 

The river is calm the majority of time making for easy travel. 

There are trails designated for horseback riding.....    

Obey the sign

....and some for human hiking only.  

And then some for either, or.

While some trails are open and like service roads, others are narrow and one must be attentive to the plants one may brush up against or critters one may encounter. 

One can usually find a bridge or boardwalk in a Florida State Park. Lot of swampy areas, er, Wetlands.

More trail. 

The following are some of the plants and critters along the trails and road.


The sky is painted with high altitude wisps of cloud indicating it is cold and windy up there.  Moderately cool at the campsite.  Campfire weather.