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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Daytripping at Circle B Bar Reserve

Rediscovered this reserve that is right in my backyard.  Once a wetlands, then a cattle ranch, the county is restoring the area to the wetlands it once was.  Only better.  Eight miles of trails through various habitats provide great viewing of alligators, birds, insects, mammals and more.  No overnighting here, but a great daytrip.

The reserve has a great interactive discovery center, conference facility and several areas with pavilions and picnic tables for outdoor enjoyment

Walked Alligator Alley which parallels Lake Hancock.  Some of the things we saw:

 Gators, of course.  These were in a swampy area across the trail from the lake.

Some water fowl:

Great White Egret




 Common Moorhen


Some insects:

Northern Blue Damselfly?


Viceroy Butterfly

Some Flora:

 Cypress Knees

Not sure.  In my garden I'd pull it as an invader, but the sun made it look neat among all the green.

And, I suspect, soft shell turtle eggs.

More to follow.
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