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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Weekend at Florida's Alafia River State Park

A park for the mountain bike enthusiast!  A former open pit mine, the spoils have been turned into a great place to do some serious mountain biking with "easier" trails to "extreme" trails.  There also are trails for hiking and equestrian trails.

The 30 campsites are on two loops. One is designated for equestrian camping.  Both have paved sites and loop roads and are very level.

There are both back in and pull thru sites in this very well manicured campground.

Our backyard for this weekend.  That small glimpse of water in the center is Alafia Lake.  Fishing and kayaking are good, but no swimming.  Gators.

A better view of the lake.

Just an interesting to me root along the lake edge.  Guess at sometime a lawnmower took a chunk out of it and it is healing.

The recreation area.  There is a vast area for play, pavilions, and a group campfire area for presentations by rangers and knowledgeable locals.

There is a special small area to sit and observe the many butterflies that inhabit the park.

Cyclist on a trail called Rabbit Ears.  Listed as an intermediate trail, exciting.   There are several miles of similar trailsA video someone did on the  Rollercoaster trail.

Short bridge entering a nature trail by the campground. 

Along the nature trail leading to the river.

At the river's edge at one of the few trail open areas.  Sounds of gators in the reeds so didn't hang around long.

One of the many butterflies sighted along a nature trail paralleling the river.  Lot of water skeets on the surface.

Beside the many butterflies around the campsite, there were many red-winged blackbirds.  This one was challenged by a Mockingbird defending the area.

The horse barn.  Some of the equestrian campers had roped off their site and kept their horses there at the campsite, also. 

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