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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Weekend at Florida's Koreshan State Historic Site

 A surprisingly neat state park.  Or, historic site as it were.  A nice campground and an opportunity to learn a little Florida history and see some interesting equipment.  This blog is just the campgrounds and trails.  The historic site part of the park is another blog.


All the campsites have a lot of shade and side privacy.  They all appear level and are dirt/sand with water and electricity.  There are about 10 dedicated to tent camping.

There are two paved loop roads.  This loop has sites only down the right side of half the loop and doesn't seem as crowded as the second loop which has sites along both sides of the the entire loop.  Side privacy is a little better in this loop, but good in both loops.

Aside from the historic site, the park has a beautiful river, paved roads for biking and two hiking trails.  The River Trail starts at the boat ramp near the campsites and winds along the Estero River for about .6 miles and ends at the historic site.  It is not a loop and you either return via this trail or return via the blue trail, a .76 mile trail that joins the red trail near the tent sites and day park.  The sign at the boat ramp discourages swimming in the river.  The sign says "alligator", but I believe there are more than one.

The trail starts with a short bridge,

passes through a nice picnic area/playground, 

then turns into a sandy fairly level trail along the river.

Along the way are turn-outs created over time by hikers to see the river.


And, there are a few "formal" observation points.

From the trail one can see paddlers on this river noted for kayaking activity.  Bring your own canoe or kayak, or rent one at the ranger station, or a 3rd party off the state property across Hwy 41.  Saw only one powered boat in four days at the park.

The foliage varies along the way from clusters of bamboo.....

...to clusters of palms.....


...to a variety of trees and shrubs.  All making for an interesting hike along the river.

 Did I mention level?  There are slight elevation changes.  Nothing strenuous.  Just enough to make it interesting.  Also, there are some areas with exposed roots.

The Blue Trail, while flat and longer is not quite as interesting.  Albeit a nice hike.

From the historic site it starts out like a service road,

passes through some grassy areas,

and ends up joining the River Trail in an area comprised of pines, oaks, palmettos, palms and various shrubs.

Things you might see at the campground or trails

 Brown Anole

Eastern Gray Squirrel...bearing gifts.

Weird roots.

Limestone barriers.

Boat ramp....

.....on a serene river.


  1. Beautiful river! I esp. like that last shot you got of it and the reflections! And as far as that one sign goes, are you sure they weren't just telling the one alligator there that they didn't want HIM swimming there? Maybe that's where people SHOULD go swimming - because they told the alligator NOT to swim there!?! ;)

  2. You may have something there. If so, he obeys. Never saw him.