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Friday, October 23, 2015

Two Overnight Stays

One of two recent overnighters we recently stayed and recommend. This one is in Kingsland, GA just off Exit 1, I-95, west of the highway.  50/30, water, shade, packed sand sites.  Great friendly staff and clean facilities, laundry.  Restaurant next door, or closer to interchange.  A Good Sam member.  Interesting places within a short drive are St. Mary, Kings Bay Submarine Base, Jekyll Island, Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island.

Main building with office, restrooms/shower, laundry, a few camping/rv necessities for sale.

Paved loop, shady sand sites.  Not too cramped.

Veranda goes all around the building.  Plenty of interesting old farm items.

Pond to sit and ponder or fish.

Walk and dog area.

Sittin' around waiting for Halloween.

The second is in St. George, SC at Exit 77, I-95, east of the exit, about 5-6 miles.  Google the park for specific directions.  Well worth the short drive off I-95.   50/30/20amp, water, level, shaded, packed sand sites with a mat laid out for you.  Paved loops.  A Passport America member.  About an hour from Charleston.


Also, a great friendly staff and clean facilities, laundry.  Ready for Halloween.  The bottle tree and bush are to ward off the ghosts.  It worked.  Saw none.  You are led to your site by that little yellow electric car.  Fascinating vehicle.


It appears the short term campers are located up front in the shade of southern pines with lot of room between sites......    

...while the longer term campers are in another area that appears to have less space between sites.

As you go past the office, restroom/showers and laundry, the path leads to a picnic area. 

There is a fishing pond complete with dock.... 

 ...and a few ducks besides the fish.

Both RV parks are good ol' quiet country living to soothe the nerves after a long day's drive.

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  1. Look like nice cgs, esp. Country Oaks - love their pond! (and Halloween decor)